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Euros 2020- What are your predictions?

We love how exciting it is when there is an international football tournament on, so we are all cheering on England at the moment in the Euros 2020! With two of the oldest international rivals England vs Scotland going head-to-head on Friday at Wembley, we were in great spirits all afternoon, especially because England were the big favourites to win! With the game being so highly anticipated and ending as a draw, we can’t lie and say we weren’t disappointed. Regardless of the result, we still believe it’s coming home.

We aren’t bitter here, so well done to Scotland for the draw. They definitely gave England a good challenge. That being said, we were still very grateful for that save from Reece James- a loss might have meant we were a bit bitter after all!

After it being postponed last year, it is nice to finally see a bit more normality with fans appearing back in the grounds. We are crossing our fingers that for the World Cup next year, stadiums will be back at full capacity.

It’s not just England that haven’t been doing as expected though, with favourites France drawing with Hungary on their match on Saturday. Italy have been off to a brilliant start so far, could they be the dark horses to go on and win the tournament? Although, many believe Germany and Portugal are to watch out for. With that being said, it seems that everyone is torn between whether Gareth Southgate is holding us back, or just being very tactical. It will be interesting to see how the game goes tomorrow.

Here are the Euros 2020 Fixtures for the rest of the week in case you’ve missed them:

Ukraine vs Austria: 21/06/2021, 5pm

North Macedonia vs Netherlands: 21/06/2021, 5pm

Russia vs Denmark: 21/06/2021, 8pm

Finland vs Belgium: 21/06/2021, 8pm

Croatia vs Scotland: 22/06/2021, 8pm

England vs Czech Republic: 22/06/2021, 8pm

Sweden vs Poland: 23/06/2021, 5pm

Slovakia vs Spain: 23/06/2021, 5pm

Portugal vs France: 23/06/2021, 8pm

Germany vs Hungary: 23/06/2021, 8pm

There’s some big games coming up! We are feeling more hopeful for the England vs Czech Republic game tomorrow. It is nice to see we are still being put as the favourites to win, so at least everyone hasn’t lost faith! We are looking forward to seeing everyone’s thoughts on the game after tomorrow evening. It’s all still to play for!

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